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Games/experiences like this are the reason I love itch. Excellent work!


This is awesome, the atmosphere. I love tonic!

I would even pay to play the full version.

I could take hour of this soundscape! Excellent work!


Had this recommended on Twitter and definitely enjoyed checking it out. I also like the vague writing style - clearly something more going on. Wouldn't mind seeing more of this hint-hint-wink-nudge-nudge


this style is gem


I really like your style, very inspiring!

I absolutely love the concept, definetly has inspired me. But I don't know how to beat the game, maybe throwing the tonic in that place?


Thank you! Yep that's it, just find all the tonic and throw it in the drain. I honestly don't recommend bothering, nothing happens. If you've been wandering around for 5 minutes then you've played the game. This was just an aesthetic prototype for a full game that I never got around to making.


This game is an art piece unlike any other i've seen

Best Town.

How many bottles to complete the game? I walk through the entire map and find 17

I think the sound is a hint, but dont works for me, any hint? =/

ps: awesome game!